About us

About us

Chrislyn House has been running for over 40 years and is a learning disability care home that provides nurturing and support for residences who face challenges in learning and daily tasks. Within this caring environment, skilled and compassionate care support workers work closely with the residents, assisting them in developing essential life skills and fostering their overall well-being. Chrislyn House provides a sense of community and belonging, where individuals can engage in activities tailored to their needs, receive personalised attention, and build connections with peers who share similar experiences. By offering a structured and understanding atmosphere,  Chrislyn House empowers residents to lead fulfilling lives while receiving the care and assistance they require.


As a specialised home catered for learning disabilities Chrislyn House’s staff are fully trained in mental health disorders, dementia, down syndrome, epilepsy, moderate challenging behaviours, partial sight, partial hearing, wheelchair dependency and incontinence.


Chrislyn House is built over 3 floors and accommodates 16 rooms. The home is equipped with a lift to access all areas of the building.

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Have any questions about residential or respite care at Chrislyn House, please get in touch with the care home.