Frequently asked questions

What services and amenities are offered in your care home?

Our care home provides personalised care plans, daily meals, housekeeping, and engaging activities. Amenities include communal spaces, activities room, and more.


How is the staff-to-resident ratio maintained for personalised care?

We ensure a high staff-to-resident ratio to provide 1-1 care when needed. Our trained team is available around the clock to meet residents’ needs promptly.


Can residents bring personal belongings and furniture?

Yes, residents are encouraged to bring personal belongings and furniture to make their living space feel like home.


What is the monthly cost, and what does it include?

Monthly costs vary based on care needs and room preferences. It covers accommodation, meals, basic care services, and some activities. We provide a detailed breakdown upon enquiry.


How are medical emergencies handled, and what is the protocol?

We have trained staff for immediate response to medical emergencies. Our protocol includes contacting emergency services, reporting to management and notifying family members promptly.


Are there organised activities and social events for residents?

Yes, we offer a variety of activities and social events to keep residents engaged and enhance their overall well-being.


What security measures are in place to ensure resident safety?

Our care home has alarmed entrances, CCTV, and trained staff to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for residents.


How often are family visits allowed, and are there any restrictions?

Family visits are encouraged, and there are no strict restrictions. We work with families to accommodate visits while considering the well-being of all residents.


What is the process for assessing and meeting residents’ individual care needs?

We conduct thorough assessments before admission and regularly update care plans to address evolving needs. Our team communicates closely with residents and their families.


Are there any additional fees or hidden costs beyond the basic monthly fee?

We are transparent about all costs associated with care. Any additional fees, if applicable, are clearly communicated, ensuring families have a comprehensive understanding of expenses.

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